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grass skiing

  • What can you do when the snow melts? The answer is grass ski. There are even grass ski centres dotted across Europe. Still a very minor sport in the eyes of most skiers, it is steadily growing in popularity especially in countries like Japan and Taiwan. It does not matter whether you have ever skied on snow before, basically anybody is good physical shape can do grass skiing.

    Instead of using conventional skis, Grass Skiers use a shorter skeeler-like skis with caterpillar tracks. It may look a little weird but it works. For body protection grass skiers wear leg and elbow pads a bit like skateboarders as there is no soft snow to break the fall. Helmets are also definitely a must.

    Rumor has it that grass skiing originated in Germany way back in the mid 60s. It then gradually spread across Europe. By the mid 80s, Grass Skiing became part of Ski training in preparation for Alpine Skiing.



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