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the great white shark

great white shark - facts

Size Length: up to 7.2 m
Weight up to 3,400 kg

Despite its awesome reputation as a voracious predator, not much is known about the natural behaviour of the Great White. It is the largest meat eating member of the shark family and feeds mostly on fish but as active hunters will also eat turtles, dolphins, porpoises, as well as seals and sea lions. However, the Great White Shark can go for up to three months without eating
Sharks have an extremely acute sense of smell. Some sharks are thought to be able to track their prey by smell from over a mile away.  Sharks also have very sensitive hearing and can identify much lower sounds than the human ear can. Sharks can hear sounds up to 700 feet away.

The numbers of Great Whites around the world are on the decline. These sharks are sparsely distributed and have slow reproduction rates, this makes them vulnerable. Evidence suggests that the population has declined by 20% over the last 3 years. ‘Sharks caught either accidentally by fisheries or deliberately targeted, are sold for their flesh, skins, oil and fins for shark-fin soup. The teeth and jaws of Great Whites are particularly valuable; a recently recovered specimen was valued at US$ 50,000. Game fishing has increased in popularity recently and the great white is something of a holy grail for enthusiasts due to its reputation as the most dangerous fish in the sea. This species is often found close to human settlements and habitat degradation, negative attitudes to the species and shark fences, further affect population numbers. The great white is viewed with fear throughout much of its range, making conservation efforts difficult to initiate. [source: www.arkive.org]

The Great White Shark is now a protected species in South Africa, Namibia, the Maldives, Australia and the states of California and Florida, USA.



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