Zoozoo2 organic cotton t shirts  

100% organic cotton t shirts - water, snow and dust

  Zoozoo2 organic cotton t-shirts for surfers, snowboarders, canoeists, and runners  

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Run for your life Reef Encounters Snowman t-shirt smile  

Molly -
I hope the waves today are better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow.

Nominated for a Surfer's Path Magazine Green Wave Award

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We will donate 10% of our zoozoo2 profits each year to environmental and social initiatives. It's cool to care








Premium quality certified organic cotton tshirts from ZooZoo2
We use only 100% organic cotton t shirts for surfers, skiers, snowboarders, runners and scuba divers and other outdoor activities.
ZooZoo2 are committed to reducing environmental impact through the use of organic cotton wherever possible.
We also have fair trade surf jewellery and other fair trade products.
Our surf jewellery collection has been designed and produced by selected fair trade communities in South Africa. They are idea for surfing and skiing.
Make sure you bookmark our site and order our latest zoozoo2 catalog.

Our site will also help you learn about our environmental approach to clothing, organic cotton clothing and production.
Surfers are usually out there on the front line when it comes to environmental issues but the same cannot always be said for the big Surfwear brands.
Young, environmentally conscious surfwear and snowboarding retailer ZooZoo2 is determined to do more.

Zoozoo2 t-shirts are sourced in accordance with fair trade principals from a project in Northern India.
The farmers are paid a premium for their cotton and a number of social projects are taking place within the community
to ensure that the benefits of the additional income are felt by all members of the community.