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Surfology, Surfing terms and slang

Here are a few surfing terms and sayings so you don't feel out of place in the water. I am sure there are loads more but this is all we have heard of.

  • amped - charged up, stoked.
  • air - surfer and board jump out of the the top of the wave with fins out of the water
  • aerial - an airborne manoeuvre also used in snowboarding
  • backdoor - entering a tube from behind the peak
  • bail out - diving off your board to avoid a wipeout
  • beach break - waves that are breaking over a sandy bottom [see waves]
  • blown out - when the wind has stirred up the surf to the point that it is unrideable
  • boardie - kayakers term for a surfer
  • booger - another word for a bodyboarder
  • barrel - where the wave is hollow when it is breaking. Also called a Tube
  • bashing - body surfing
  • bomb - an unusually large wave
  • boost - getting airborne off the lip
  • bump - a swell
  • bumps - the build-up of wax on a surfboard deck
  • carve - turning on a wave. A classic surfing move
  • closeout - a wave that breaks all at once
  • crew - a group of surfers defined by break or area
  • cross step - crossing one foot over the other as you move up and down your surf board
  • cutback - reversing the direction that you are surfing in one smooth move. A 180 degree turn
  • dawn patrol - surfing at sunrise
  • deck - the top of your board. Its where you stand
  • ding - this is a dent or puncture hole in your board. It will need repairing
  • dropping in - catching someone else's wave. Not a good thing to do
  • duck dive - diving under an oncoming wave as you paddle out
  • dune - a big peaky wave
  • fakie -riding backwards on a surf board with the tail first
  • face - the front part or face of the wave [see waves]
  • fan - a fan of spray off a turn
  • fin - the curved triangular bit under your surfboard. You know what I mean
  • fish - A shorter thicker board
  • fluff - throws a waterfall shoreward
  • foamies - surfboard made out of foam for beginners
  • funboard - Designed for small waves and beginners.
  • gash - sharp turn
  • glassy - smooth waves caused by little or no wind
  • going off - huge swell breaking on a reef
  • goofy foot - a rider who surfs with right foot as the lead foot and the left foot as the back foot [see goofy]
  • green room - inside a large barrel
  • grommet - young surfer. Don't you just hate it
  • gun - a surfboard made for big wave riding. Definitely not a beginners board
  • hanging five - longboarding term for dangling your five toes over the nose of the board while trimming along the face of the wave
  • hang ten - when a surfer has all ten toes dangling over the nose of the board. This is hard to do
  • hoodad - a beginner or non-surfer
  • in the soup - when a surfer is in the white foam of the wave after the wave has broken
  • kook - first time surfer. We were all there once
  • layback - a surfing move where the surfer lays backwards on a wave
  • lip - tip of a breaking wave curling or plunging down
  • locals - a bit obvious this. People who close by and surf regularly at the same spot
  • nose - pointy bit of the surfboard and the bit that points away from you when you are surfing
  • pack - a group of surfers in a lineup
  • peak - the part of the wave which is about to break
  • pipeline - everyone has heard of this one. Classic Hawaiian wave, barrelling and dangerous
  • planker - surfer to a bodyboarder
  • pop - kickout
  • pumping - above average large swell
  • quiver - a surfer's collection of boards or a board bag that holds several boards
  • regularfoot - left-foot forward as your stand on your board
  • rip - to surf really well or a strong under current in the ocean [see waves]
  • shaper - someone who shapes surfboards in the making process
  • scab - a reef or rock
  • schlong - thick, long, old style single-fin surfboard
  • shark biscuit - body boarders
  • shubee - a tourist who buys surfing gear, dresses surf, but has never surfed
  • soup - whitewater
  • sponger - a bodyboarder, because the bodyboard looks like a big sponge
  • stoked - ready and psyched up for a surf, full of enthusiasm
  • stuffed - getting driven under the water by a wave coming down on you
  • tail - bit of the surfboard at the opposite end to the nose. Obvious really
  • thrashed - when a wave bashes you
  • tow-ins - getting towed into waves that are too big to paddle
  • tube - the cone shaped hole created where the wave is hollow where it is breaking
  • twinfin - a the name suggests a two fin surfboard
  • twinzer - a four- fin surfboard
  • vertical - turn straight up the wave
  • waffling - rapidly working the board back and forth
  • wahine - the Hawaiian word for female, used for describing a female surfer
  • wannabe - wan-na-be, someone who wants to be a surfer, wears the clothes and talks the talk but can't surf
  • wax - used on deck of boards for traction. It's made from paraffin, colour and other additives
  • wave height - the distance between the wave bottom or trough and the crest
  • wavelength - the distance between wave crests [see waves]
  • wipe out - falling off your board in a big way [see wipeout]
  • zoo - means a crowded surf lineup. Example: "The lineup's a zoo today."
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